All plans include Full CO2 carbon neutralisation of food, services, goods and waste average to the consumer profile you chose. Plans also include neutralisation of living and travel emissions on the level of public transportation and living in a flat or new townhouse.

Save with yearly plans discounted up to 12%

What's My Plan?

For Super Greens

You are a vegan or dairy avoiding vegetarian who loves to buy second hand or ecologic products and always pushes for the environmentally friendly options. You recycle most of your waste.

For Greens

You eat meat and dairy products regularly but push for environment friendly choices when buying products or services. You recycle most of your waste.

For Regulars

You feel like the average consumer.

For Green Families

You are a Green family that eats regularly meat and dairy products but push for environmental friendly choices. You have 1 to 3 small children that share with each other.