How It Works

It’s Really Simple

Wondering how Greeonaut works? We use our members investments to buy young forests and forestland. There we grow and nurture the forest for next 100 years guaranteeing that the carbon emissions the forest has absorbed are not released.
Forest has certain capacity to absorb carbon. We guarantee that this capacity is fairly distributed among our members and not over-provisioned. When capacity of one forest is used, we simply buy more forest. Even if you cancel your membership your trees stay and so does the carbon you have paid to be neutralized. 

Depending on your plan you choose, we neutralize between 4000 kg - 12 000 kg (4 - 12 metric tons) of CO2 per year. This matches the carbon emissions you produce for food, services, goods and waste averaged to the consumer profile you chose. Plans also include neutralisation of living and travel emissions on the level of public transportation and living in a flat or in a new townhouse.

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