Co-Grow Forests and Enjoy Carbon Neutral Life

Join us at Greenonaut. We are on a mission to buy and grow forests for our members so that they can enjoy carbon neutral life. Full transparency guaranteed, we send you the map of the forest where your trees grow!


How does it work?

  1. Select plan that matches your lifestyle

  2. We grow forest to absorb the matching amount of CO2

All our plans include full CO2 carbon neutralisation of Food, Goods, Services and Waste. Plans also include neutralisation of housing and travel emissions on basic level not including private cars, flights or single family homes (see more details here)

All plans can be cancelled or changed any time

Our plans


€7.95 /mo

€6.95 /mo yearly

For Super Greens

You are a vegan or dairy avoiding vegetarian who loves to buy second hand or ecologic products and always pushes for the environmentally friendly options

10.95 /mo

€9.95 /mo yearly

For Greens

You eat meat and dairy products regularly but push for environment friendly choices when buying products or services.

13.95 /mo

€12.95 /mo yearly

For Regulars

You feel like the average consumer.

23.95 /mo

€22.95 /mo yearly

For Green Families

You are a Green family that regularly meat and dairy products but pushes for environmental friendly choices. You have 1 to 3 small children that share with each other.